Sunday, October 4, 2015

Halloween Town Pocket Letter Tutorial | Halloween Craft Series 2015 | Project #1

Hello Ghoulies!

This week I started my annual Halloween Craft Series with a Halloween Town inspired Pocket letter!

I hope you can all check out this tutorial I made. I also go over al the supplies i used in the description of the video in case you wanted to pick up something you see! 

I used digital stamps from The Octopode Factory on Etsy. You all probably know by now that TOF is my favorite digital stamps shop and my go to place for halloween images. 

Here are some still pictures:

What do you think? 

I’m so happy you stopped by! make sure to keep an eye out for more videos in my Halloween Craft series! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel so you won’t miss a video!


  1. Oh this is simply fabulous! I must get some of these pockets!
    Love the shaker one in the middle! :D Mo x

  2. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

  3. Gorgeous in a very creepy cute way! I love Hallowe'en, and used to make our costumes so we matched; hubby and our son. He is 15 now and doesn't want to do that anymore!! go figure! Germaine


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