Friday, October 18, 2013

My Halloween Tree

Hello Ghoulies!

Today's project share is something I am in love with! While at Michaels the other day I decided to pick up a halloween tree and a few ornaments. Then I got the idea of making my own tree topper and make it  Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas!! I was consumed with excitement and bought a christmas ornament and sand it down and gave it a few coats of white gesso and white paint. I also had a lot of fun playing with my glue gun and making bows with some ribbon I also picked up at Michaels. I am very happy with how jack's face turned out. Here are some pictures:

Jack has a black and white bow in the shape of a bat so I decide to add a glitter bat sticker also from Michaels in the center of the bow.

Now for my tree..... TADA!!

                                                                 I love it so much!!

To secure all the glitter and to help from making a huge mess with, I used what I had at home and sprayed the whole tree and all the glitter ornaments with Krylon workable fixative and then again with some hairspray. It seems to work very well and all the glitter is in place.

                                                       And here's one more look at jack!

                   Thanks for stopping by! Hope you liked my Halloween Tree.



  1. Like your tree and Jack is awesome !
    Corrie x

  2. Very cool! Love the Jack topper and the whole tree is fabulous!


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