Sunday, March 22, 2015

Making A Pocket Letter

Hello lovelies!

I'm back with another pocket letter share, i have 4 more videos in the waiting to share and i can't wait! I am having a blast making these pocket letters and i try to do something different every time. I'm also filming each and every pocket letter i make and i even have a behind the scenes video to share! 

Here is the link to my video:

I really love my build a bow kit pocket and the giant blings that i picked up in a recent haul 

here are some up close pictures:

Thanks for stopping by! I'm currently working on a tim burton themed pocket letter!

Have a good one,


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  1. Thank You for all of your posts! I saw on one of your youtube comments that you are all Pocket Letter Pall'd out! If that changes, I would LOVE to be a pocket letter pal! :) I want to try a tiny pocket letter with the Smash snap binders!!! That would be cute!!!


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