Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

So since today is the day of loooove, what better way to celebrate than by talking about something I absolutely love... WASHI TAPE! I recently created my very own washi tape tag video on my Youtube channel. I thought it would be fun to answer a few questions about my collection and at the same time show my subbies my washi tape collection. I searched the youtube land but didn't find anything like it so I decided to make my own tag.

Here's my video:

And here are the questions if you want to make your own Washi tape tag!

1. Show us your washi tape collection!
2. What are your ultimate favorite washi(s) of all time?
3. What are your most recent favorite washi(s)?
4. What are you least favorite washi(s)?
5. What are the most expensive washi(s) you have or the most you ever paid for washi?
6. How do you store your washi tapes?
7. Show us your favorite project/craft/layout you've made using washi tape.

I would love to see your video if you decide to play along so make sure to link it back to this original video as a video response.

I hope you all have a great day filed with love and happiness, Happy Valentine's Day!


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