Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mr. Kitty

Today's blog post is not about crafting but about the newest member of my family.

One week ago tomorrow an abandoned kitty followed my dad to the bus stop but then my mom saw that two other menacing cats were following the poor thing and she went outside with her pj's on and brought him into our home. She woke me up at 6:38 am to tell me to make posters for this kitty because she knew that he was a house trained cat. To make a long story short he stayed with us. We were a little worried because we already have a cat named Kiwi and we didn't know how they would get along. Well, it turns out they are getting along just fine. I even brought him to the vet on Friday to make sure everything is OK with him so that he doesn't spread anything to Kiwi. The vet told us to keep them separate for another  two weeks but we have found this to be very difficult.

He is such an affectionate, people loving kitty. He always comes and cuddle in the little corners when we are sleeping and loves to play. He is honestly the friendliest kitty I have ever had. Kiwi is a character, don't get me wrong and I love him to death and Kiwi is also very fun loving and affectionate but this little guy will go up to anyone and cuddle with them even if he has never met them before. Convincing my dad wasn't easy, let me tell you. It was a nerve filled week for my mom and I. And today while me, the boyfriend, and kitty were taking a nap I heard my dad tell my mom we could keep him. I ran down and gave him a big hug!!

Look at this guy! He always sleeps in the weirdest spots and positions. Now we just got to figure out a name for him. My brother likes Tupac, because he's from the streets (Lol). I like Bandit, Gambit, Jinx or Junior (because he reminds me of my first cat Cookie).

Today was a good day :)


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  1. You have a lovely blog Serena :-) your cards are lovely and I love your photo's here :-) I hope you're able to keep him,,, sooo cute :-)

    thanks for joining the Simon Says Stamp DT Call and Good Luck :-)
    Lols x x x


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