Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hope Challenge Smash Page

Hiya again friends!

I'm back to share another smash book layout I made today. A friend of mine from YouTube and smash Facebook groups decided to have a little challenge. We picked words for each other and we were suppose to make a smash page on what the word means to us. I chose courage for her and she did an AMAZING job! She chose Hope for me. Here is what I made.

I was a little stuck but after doing some research I discovered that butterflies and rainbows are symbols of hope. So I added both to my page. Butterflies and rainbows also means a lot to me so it went perfect with my  page.

Thanks for stopping by today :)



  1. I love your imagery here. It's a little tiny bit freaky (which I love) but I get the meaning behind it. :) Very cool!

    1. Hi Tiffany, so glad you can relate to it. Thanks for checking out my blog, means a lot.


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