Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Journey begins...

The journey into Wondercraft now begins with my first blog entry. As I type this I am excited by the new possibilities and opportunities this blog will create for me. I have always enjoyed blogging and had a Livejournal account many years ago. But now, I am happy to announce that this blog will be devoted to my love of crafting. Since I was young, I have always enjoyed crafting, making collages, painting, and having fun with my imagination. My love for crafting was re-discovered 2 years ago when I got involved in the world of scrapbooking. Friends would keep telling me to get into scrapbooking and I never really listened. Until one day I started watching YouTube videos and I was hooked! The more I discovered, the more I was wanted to know... all the brand name companies, tools, paper, embellishments, and techniques. I had no idea how intense and serious scrapbooking was. There is really a huge community and following that I had been so ignorant of. I slowly began doing my research, subscribing to YouTube channels, reading blogs, following links that led me to even more wondrous places. Then, I began shopping and looking for local scrapbook stores and thus started my scrapbook collection. Now, enjoy products such as Smash Journals by K& Company, making cards, and dabbling in scrapbook layouts. I hope you stick around and join me in my adventures in Wondercraft.


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