Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Giving In

I have finally decided to take the plunge... to step into the dark side... and buy Copic Markers!!!
I've been holding off from buying Copics for such a long time because I know that once I start, I wouldn't be able to stop. After much research and YouTube watching, I have picked out a good choice of "beginner" colors. I basically went through the main color groups and bought around 3 shades of the same color. I took a little bit of everything I learned from the videos and websites  that I read and decided on theses 26 colors.

Cool grey C3
Cool grey C5
Cool grey C7

Frost Blue B00
Robin's Egg Blue B02
Process Blue B05

Moon White BG11
Nile Blue BG45
Duck Blue BG49

Yellowish Green YG06
Grass Green YG17
Olive G99

Lemon Yellow Y13
Cadmuim Yellow Y15

Cadmium Orange YR07

Blush R20
Light Prawn R22
Coral R35
Cadmium Red R27

Heath V01
Marigold V05
Lavender V06
Mallow V15

Sand E33
Sepia E37
Burnt Umber E29

And I got the colourless blender. Now, since I am a student, I am crafting on a budget and so I've decided to buy the Copic Ciao markers vs the sketch. My reasoning behind this is obviously because they are way cheaper and because they are still refillable and also  have the brush tip. Therefore, they are exactly like the Sketch with the exception of the way they look and that they hold less ink. Of course the Ciaos only contain about 140 colors or so, so I just figured I will be the other missing colors I need/want in sketch.
I found a great price on . It is a Canadian craft store and they are selling the copic ciao markers for 3.49each. This is the cheapest I have found them. Also, they provide free shipping to Canada in your order is over 75$!  However, they do not carry individual sketch markers. This will be my first time purchasing from their website and I will let you know how it goes, that is,  once I commit to finalizing my order hehe.
If you have any suggestions for which other colors are good to begin with I would love to hear them.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Ohh I am so excited for you :)
    And yes once you start you will want them all, lol.
    Enjoy your markers when you get them :)

    1. ooo yay!! I got some comments lol This made my day! Thanks for checking out my blog and being my very first follower :) I hope you check back soon


  2. Oh yeah, I'm your 1st follower, I love being first :)

  3. you will love them, I am not a pro at using them, nor am i an artist but I love them especially for coloring skin and faces. I love the blending and mixing of colors!! I bought a really cute case too for them!

    1. Hi Wendi, thanks for checking out my blog! I love how things become so precious to us that we start accessorizing them , I too am thinking about buying cute cases for my copics and I still don;t have them yet!



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