Saturday, August 8, 2015

In Honor of Lily Chilvers- Memorial Blog Hop

This is one of the hardest things I've had to do. While working on this layout, so many memories came flooding back to me and i had to fight back tears. The beautiful and talented Lily Chilvers has left such an impact in my life and my crafting that i don't think anyone would ever truly understand. She is more than just an artist to me, she is an inspiration and a friend. Lily's work has open my eyes to a world I never knew existed in the crafting community and one that i desperately longed for.
On July 13th 2015 Lily moved on to live another experience due to her fight with cancer. It is truly unfair that she was taken away from all of us but most importantly, from her family, at such a young age. Yet, Lily accomplished so much in her life that she should be proud of. Her artwork has crossed oceans and touched so many different people. We are all connect through The Octopode Factory and her quirky characters. She will live on in her images and artwork and I will never ever stop designing for her, I hope she is watching down and will like my future creations in her honor. She is my favorite crafting company and designer and will always remain in my heart. Thank you Lily for everything you have given me, thank you for my guest designer spot last July, thank you for the TOFF challenge wins, thank you for personally wanting me to be on this year's design team, thank you for creating all these amazing characters that I love so much and thank you for being my friend <3

I created this layout in her honor. She is such a beautiful soul and I wanted to represent that on this layout.

The Anchor represents the hope she will carry on with her on her new voyage as she ventures out into the next phase of her life. It also signifies my guest design projects for Octopode Factory last year when I created projects with her sailor collection. You can see these projects by clicking these links: Project #1  Project #2 Project #3

Please click on the links below to listen to others' stories about Lily and how much she means to them. And check out Lily's shop for these wonderful images The Octopode Factory

Thank you for stopping by my friends.
Serena Bee

Today we are remembering Lily Chilvers a truly beautiful artist and soul taken from us too soon.
To honour Lily we are sharing projects we have made in her memory using the wonderful, whimsical and wacky art she shared with us all.

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  1. Beautifully touching, Serena.
    I'm sure Lily is smiling upon us all.

  2. Love what you have done Serena - a beautiful way to remember.

  3. What a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to Lily! Loved your other projects as well. xxD

  4. What a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to Lily! Loved your other projects as well. xxD

  5. oh such a moving tribute to Lily. your projects are wonderful also.

  6. What a beautiful dedication you've done Serena to Lily, how wonderfully thoughtful you are. Lovely projects :-) xx

  7. Oh Golly your post moved me to tears, Its beautiful and your words are perfect, Love Hazelx

  8. a truly talented girl....and have bought lots of her images over the years....was so shocked to hear of her death!!

  9. Out of all of the blogs that had something for her, I liked yours the best because you included a picture of her.

    1. thank you amanda for hoping along, and thank you for you comment, you're so sweet. xx

  10. Wonderful tribute to Lily!

  11. wonderful layout and tribute to Lily we will miss her for sure

  12. Wonderful tribute project to celebrate Lily and her art!

  13. Beautiful tribute to Lily! You were lucky to have been chosen for her DT, she obviously thought a lot of you, too. Hugs! BTW, I love your purple hair, you remind me of a beautiful mermaid.

  14. What a wonderful tribute to Lily's life and art you have shared with us. She touched so many lives with her art...sorry for your loss :(

  15. A fabulous tribute :-) Sorry I am a little late in Hopping.

    IKE xxx

  16. Serena, a beautiful and heart felt tribute to Lily. Hugs xxx

  17. Lily was my best friend and I know for a fact she would of loved this... amazing x


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