Monday, March 18, 2013

unfinished pages


so I've decided that I will try and post on my blog every Monday and Thursday of every week. I hope I can keep up. It's just that sometimes I feel like I don't have anything to share with the world so I don't post. But hopefully this commitment will help me take pictures of daily life or daily crafts and share them. Who knows, maybe I'll even find time to post daily.  So for today I've decided to share some of my unfinished collage pages in my Teesha Moore inspired homemade journal. I tend to work on each page in parts; first I paint the page, then I add some borders and backgrounds and then I add the collage image and finally the journaling and doodling. So these two pages are  at the journaling stage.

I love this image. I call it my Sassy Unicorn. I just adore her red mane! I love this page too much that I am scared to add anymore doodling to the body or the page because I don't want to go to far and ruin it. I also don't know if I should add journaling so I am just leaving it the way it is for now. 

This next image I really wanted to make a girl dinosaur. I love dinosaurs so I love this little lady! you can see that I played around a lot with the background on this one. This was the first time I used stamps and sprays just to add some color. I even used distress inks and applied white chalk ink with my fingers to hi-light the image. I drew in her little legs and added some circles around the border and some pink circles around her. I'm thinking of using a quote pertaining to beauty but I haven't found one just yet. Got any suggestions?

I would love to hear what you all think about my pages and would love to hear any suggestions.

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