Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quick Update

Hi everyone,

It seems like forever since I posted on this here blog. I've been busy working on some new jewelry and bracelet designs and updating my Facebook page. I decided to stop thinking about opening on online store and just do it! I have one on Zibbet but I will be doing some more research as to where I want my store to be and I have found some new online store sites that I need to check out.

I have also recently been interested in branching out into the mixed media art world. I've been doing research and buying supplies so that I can start working on my very first mixed media canvases. I am super excited to make pieces of art that I can hang up in my room and share with friends. I have been watching lots of YouTube videos to prepare and pump myself up, but I still don't know where to begin. I am also part of an ATC swap with two smash*aholic friends. This will be my first time making ATCs and I think it will be good mixed media practice for me. 

I've also been busy putting together happy mail for friends and I am hoping to mail everything out today!

And I've been working in my smash books a lot. Last night I worked on my university graduation page and I am loving how it turned out. I am not finished yet because I wanted to add a letter about my McGill experiences and add it into a pocket that I have on the page. I will post pictures and will also do a video update and will post it here when I am done.

It hit me today that I will be leaving for Portugal sooner than I think and I would like to have my Travelogue smash book all ready to go with me. I have to do my Florida pages and my road trip before I can take my book with me on my trip. So tomorrow before work I will go print out some 4x6 Florida pictures because I am running out of pogo sheets and because I want a variety of sizes of photos on my pages.

Well I think that's about it going on with me. Hopefully in the next post I will have some pictures for you to see and maybe even a video.

Thanks for checking in,


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