Friday, April 13, 2012

Quick Copic Update

Hello Friends,

So I received my copics the other day and I was so excited! But let me tell you, it's a lot harder than it looks! After watching numerous YouTube videos on coloring with copics, it just looked so easy, fast, and simple, which I am sure it is after some practice. I'm still trying to get the hang of blending and I am pretty sure this is normal. It will probably take some time for me to play around with coloring to figure out which style is right for me, which is OK. I'm using this regular cardstock and I am in the process of buying good designer paper for copics but I can't seem to find an online store with some in stock. From researching which paper works the best for copics I have narrowed it down to Copic blending Card, Gina K, Neenah 80lbs and C.C Designs. Now I would really love to try out the Gina K paper first, but it will cost me 10.49$ for shipping which is more than the actual product so I ruled it out. Next I wanted to try the Copic Blending Card but the site I found it on was all sold out. I may give in and buy the C.C Designs paper but I think I will do more research in the meantime. Now, I don't know if I stand alone on this one, but I get anxious when I use my copics! I don't want to waste the ink on "practice"! I know it sounds crazy considering how  I gotta start somewhere right?!

Well I'm off to make some stuff for my little blog giveaway! Check back soon for more details.

Peace & Love,

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